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 Welcome to B. Fireside Farms,

  Our farm is located over several different properties our family owns consisting of over 100 acres in central Tx . 

We raise 2 dairy goat herds consisting of (PB) purebred registered ADGA Lamancha and Nigerians. We do not cross them.
In 2023 we plan to dual register all goats ADGA and AGS due to registration timeline issues with ADGA.

   I began breeding dairy goats for show and milk production after college and put an emphasis on avoiding inbreeding depression and bringing in genetics from outside of the state adding in Rockin CB, Lucky Star, Raintree,Kastdemur, Agape, Rancho Snowfall, Autumn Acres, vineyard view as well as well known local lines like Mt River Ranch, Creme De La Creme, De La luna, Aries, merry tail, flower feather farms.

I learned to Ai my cattle and goats in order to bring in more genetics to better help overall structure and production in my herd this also helps maintain the validity of my CAE, CL and Johnnes tests i do yearly (clear test results 2022)

one of my First nigerians DCP High Fire and my bucks Mt River Ranch Black Caviar gave me the show bug and i began selecting even more heavily for structure  as well as production as i originally wanted the milk for replacement milk for rabbits and calves as well as soap making.
I wanted my nigerians primarily for competition while my lamanchas were to  be the heavy milkers that could walk in the show ring and impress.

our goats get grain and pasture and our watched by our 2 Turkish Boz and are penned up every evening  by our working Belgian Tervurens to avoid predation.

  My Belgian Tervurens came to me after a very moderate show life with a sighthound and another working dog that was taken in and unfortunately had a very unstable temperament and health from one of the top working and show line  breeders of that particular breed at the time i decided then show quality meant nothing if they didnt have the brain and health to keep it up.

I researched and ended up deciding to work through a phobia i developed due to that dog as well as the scars he gave me and decided to go with another breed where the focused on structure and function over color which is what that " hunting breed" came down to with many in the breed faking work, lying in regards to health and genetics and even lying on papers to get the uneducated to be ok with merle to merle breedings which present serious health issues such as merle ocular degeneration over time. In my time knowing the breed i had seen dogs born with strabitism, missing pupils, starburst, microthalmia, varying degrees of deafness regardless of if the merle was visible or not. The cryptic merles also presented the issue but were passed off as safe for breeding in order to make it appear acceptable but often even those were homozygous and presented with degrees of deafness.

i wanted something where more thought went into structure, work and health I found a pair of breeders over seas that were doing more testing than was done in the US and behavior testing on parents prior to breeding.

Everything i wanted in a dog i imported another . Cider had a moderate show and Obedience career  before 2020 and got his canine good citizen  unfortunately i was to busy working on the farm to keep it up and i developed a phobia due to harassment and doxing in the dog community as well as general poor sportsmanship my handler told me had occurred to my dog in the ring. Mine and my animals safety comes before titles.

Our cattle are a slower project for sure, we raise primarily ADCA Red Dexter cattle from two lines freedom farms and legends i am very picky on size with my dexters  as well as leg and body length. 

We brought in our first show cow from freedom farms, a ch chrondo red cow that surprisingly had bright green eyes we fell in love and did our research some in the dexter community hated chrondo with a passion even making up tales of them going lame by 8 years old but in the same breath denied the need for maintenance of an animal period. Many people that owned chrondo cattle came forward to tell folks they never experienced these supposed issues with their well bred chrondo carriers and this cow had already proven herself at shows and had a lovely temperament and a beautiful non chrondo daughter at her side. So in general i found it to  be needless fear mongering in order to advertise themselves as they pressed that  it would produce lethal calves. Let me say this i avoid any genetics with long term truly negative effects . It is very easy to avoid lethal chrondo, bulldog calves, with proper testing.

as a general rule regardless of if my animal is a chrondo carrier or not I have hooves trimmed before breeding as they get a  great deal of minerals and protein and are on sandy soil.
my goal is good structure and an outstanding temperament in everything i own and i am happy to say i can walk each cow into the barn and sit on a stool beside them and milk them.

I can walk my full grown bull away from his ladies in heat and pet him like a dog.

since we started I have discovered the green eyes of our first show cow are a genetic recessive as her most recent daughter also has the same green eyes and the eyes present no health issue after vet inspections. I do not breed specifically for the eyes but considering i have her daughters in the herd it will likely continue to be something that appears years down the line as it appears to be a genetic recessive.





Dog Training

Basics and competitive obedience


Breeding Plans


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Very knowledgeable lady and just gorgeous animals. Has always given transition food and been willing to answer any questions or concerns

Destiny Albrechta   /   TX


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